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Nestled in Western Ghats, the beautiful town of Palani is located in the district of Dindigul of Tamil Nadu. The backdrop of the town is formed by ‘Palani Hills’ which date back to the PreCambrian period. The two hills, Sivagiri and Shakthigiri dominate the view within the town. These hills are home to several nomadic Paliyan tribes. Plan a trip to this scenic town from Chennai by hiring a private taxi from Chennai Drive.

Rulers of Coimbatore and Madurai have governed the region at various points of time. In the 18th century, the area was under the reign of Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan before going into the hands of the British. 

The name ‘Palani’ has been derived from Tamil words, ‘pazham’ referring to ‘fruit’ and ‘nee’ referring to ‘you’. Palani is famous for Palani Murugan Temple or Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple dedicated to Lord Murugan which is situated on the Sivagiri Hill overlooking the town.

It is one of the most popular temples to visit in India. The place has a religious significance and finds its mention in various ancient Tamil devotional scriptures.

As per Hindu mythology, Sage Narada presented Lord Shiva a fruit, the Gnana-palam (the fruit of knowledge). Lord shiva decided to give it to whoever circumscribes the world thrice in the shortest time. Lord Ganesha and Lord Murugan accepted the challenge, and eventually Lord Ganesha won the award by circumambulating his parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakthi.

Lord Murugan was disappointed and furious at his loss. In order to display penitence, he decided to live a life of asceticism in the hills of Palani and thus it rose to the glory of  becoming home to Lord Kartikeya (Murugan).

It is believed that the idol of Lord Murugan at Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple  was created and consecrated by Sage Bogar, one of the great Siddhas of Hinduism. The idol was created by an amalgamation of nine poisonous substances/rocks (Navapashanam) which forms an eternal medicine when mixed in a specific ratio. 

The summers in the region are extremely hot making it uncomfortable to travel during the season. Here monsoons receive average rainfall, however the best time to visit Palani is during winter months from October to March when the weather is moderate and pleasant.

A short trip to Palani from Chennai is enough to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city. Hire a private cab from Chennai to Palani Taxi service and enjoy a road trip amidst beautiful scenery.

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2 Days Taxi Package Cost to Palani from Chennai

Vehicle ClassDurationKm IncludedPackage Cost
Hyundai i20 (Hatchback)2 Days1100 km₹ 11040
Swift Dzire (Sedan)2 Days1100 km₹ 12140
Toyota Etios (Sedan)2 Days1100 km₹ 13240
Toyota Innova (SUV)2 Days1100 km₹ 16540
Tempo Traveller (9 -12 Seater)2 Days1100 km₹ 19190
Tempo Traveller (13 – 14 Seater)2 Days1100 km₹ 20290
Mini Bus (18 – 20 Seater)2 Days1100 kmGet a Quote
Bus (49 Seater)2 Days1100 kmGet a Quote
Chennai to Palani 2 days taxi hire package fare includes driver charges, parking & toll gate charges.

3 Days Taxi Package Cost to Palani from Chennai

Vehicle ClassDurationKm IncludedPackage Cost
Hyundai i20 (Hatchback)3 Days1200 km₹ 12240
Swift Dzire (Sedan)3 Days1200 km₹ 13440
Toyota Etios (Sedan)3 Days1200 km₹ 14640
Toyota Innova (SUV)3 Days1200 km₹ 18240
Tempo Traveller (9 -12 Seater)3 Days1200 km₹ 21190
Tempo Traveller (13 – 14 Seater)3 Days1200 km₹ 22390
Mini Bus (18 – 20 Seater)3 Days1200 kmGet a Quote
Bus (49 Seater)3 Days1200 kmGet a Quote
Chennai to Palani 3 days taxi hire package fare includes driver charges, parking & toll gate charges.

4 Days Taxi Package Cost to Palani from Chennai

Vehicle ClassDurationKm IncludedPackage Cost
Hyundai i20 (Hatchback)4 Days1350 km₹ 13890
Swift Dzire (Sedan)4 Days1350 km₹ 15240
Toyota Etios (Sedan)4 Days1350 km₹ 16590
Toyota Innova (SUV)4 Days1350 km₹ 20640
Tempo Traveller (9 -12 Seater)4 Days1350 km₹ 23990
Tempo Traveller (13 – 14 Seater)4 Days1350 km₹ 25340
Mini Bus (18 – 20 Seater)4 Days1350 kmGet a Quote
Bus (49 Seater)4 Days1350 kmGet a Quote
Chennai to Palani 4 days taxi hire package fare includes driver charges, parking & toll gate charges.

Flexible Chennai to Palani Private Taxi Fare

Vehicle ClassCost / KmDriver ChargesParking & Toll Fee
Hyundai i20 (Hatchback)₹ 9260As per tariff
Swift Dzire (Sedan)₹ 10260As per tariff
Toyota Etios (Sedan)₹ 11260As per tariff
Toyota Innova (SUV)₹ 14260As per tariff
Force Traveller (9 -12 Seater)₹ 16360As per tariff
Force Traveller (13 – 14 Seater)₹ 17360As per tariff
Mini Bus (18 – 20 Seater)₹ 26450As per tariff
Bus (49 Seater)₹ 36750As per tariff
  • Minimum km applicable per day is 300 kms.
  • Driver Allowance / Charges listed is per day.
  • Parking & Toll gate charges will be extra & as per the tariff.

One Way / Drop Only Taxi to Palani from Chennai

Vehicle ClassSeating CapacityOne Way Fare
Hatchback | Hyundai i201 + 4₹ 7590
Sedan | Swift Dzire, Etios1 + 4₹ 9090
SUV | Toyota Innova1 + 7₹ 11340
Chennai to Palani one way taxi fare includes driver charges, parking & toll gate charges.

Key Information about your Palani trip from Chennai

Chennai to Palani Traffic Info & Route

Besides being home to many famous temples, Palani has abundant natural scenic beauty too. The distance between Chennai and Palani is approximately 500 kms and can be covered in 8-9 hours with a private taxi from Chennai Drive, depending on the route you take and the flow of traffic.

The shortest route takes you via Chennai – Villupuram – Trichy – Kanyakumari Road and NH 38. It covers a distance of approximately 490 kms which can be travelled in under 8 hours. One can plan a journey break at Villupuram or Tiruchirapalli on the way. The route:

Chennai – Villupuram – Tiruchirappalli – Dindigul – Palani

The alternate route to Palani is via Chennai-Villupuram – Trichy – Kanyakumari Road and NH 79. Distance to be travelled is almost 525 kms, which would take you around 9 hours to cover. One can plan a stopover at Salem or Villupuram en route with a Chennai to Palani taxi. The route:

Chennai – Villupuram – Ulundurpet – Salem – Palani.

Palani Taxi Service from Chennai w/ Cost - Huge Savings with 'Chennai Drive'
Palani Taxi Service from Chennai w/ Cost – Huge Savings with ‘Chennai Drive’

The top 5 attractions to see in Palani

Palani attracts tourists from all over the state for its ancient temples and picturesque surroundings. Every year the festivals of the Thai-Poosam, the Panguni-Uthiram, the Vaikhashi -Vishakham and the Sura-Samharam attract a large number of devotees to the town. Few of the main tourist attractions in Palani are listed:

1. Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple or Murugan Temple

Palani Murugan Temple is one of the famous temples of Lord Murugan or Lord Kartikeya. It is the third of the six abodes of Lord Murugan. 

The temple is situated upon the Sivagiri Hills, the higher of the two hills of Palani and can be reached by climbing a flight of approximately 600 steps or by taking the funicular cable railway (cable car). Ropeway takes you through the beautiful scenery that surrounds the hill.

The temple was built by Perumal, a king of Chera dynasty around the 2nd – 5th centuries. In the later years it has been renovated and expanded by the Pandyas, Cholas and the Nayaka kings. 

The principal deity is placed upon a pedestal and represents Lord Subramanya (Lord Murugan) in his youth, dressed in a loincloth and armed with a ‘staff’ or ‘the dhandam’, as suited to a monk. This is the only temple where Lord Subramanya or Lord Murugan is worshipped as Kumaran.

2. Thiru Avinankudi Temple

Thiru Avinankudi Temple is located at the foothills of Palani should not be missed during your Palani trip with Chennai Drive. It is believed to be one of the earliest abodes of Lord Murugan. The existence of this temple goes beyond the time of construction of the main Palani Murugan Temple.

Also known as Kulanthai Velayuthaswamy Temple, Lord Murugan is the principal deity and represented as a child sitting on his mount peacock.

It is believed that Lord Surya, Lord Agni, Goddess Lakshmi and Kamdhenu had worshipped Lord Murugan here, giving the name “Thiru Avinankudi” to the place. As per the local belief, one must worship Lord Murugan here before visiting Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple.

3. Idumban Temple

Idumban Temple is located on the Idumban Hills approximately 100 metres from Palani Murugan temple and believed to be a significant place since the time of Sage Agastya.

The legend of Sage Agastya and his disciple Idumban is associated with the ritual of carrying offerings for Lord Murugan in the form of kavadi slung across the shoulders  by the devotees.

It is recommended to offer obeisance at Idumban Temple before visiting the Murugan Temple. 

4. Varathamanathi Dam

If you are travelling with kids and looking for a place where they can have fun, Varathamanathi Dam is a must visit during your road trip with Chennai to Palani taxi.

It is located approximately 7 kms from the modest temple town of Palani and has become a famous picnic spot for the families. One can spend some quality time in the calm surroundings of the dam with their family and friends.

5. Periyanayaki Amman Temple or Town Temple

The Periyanayaki Amman Temple is located in the center of Devikapuram village at Palani. The temple is said to be older than the Palani Murugan Temple. It was built by the Vijayanagara rulers around the 14th century. Also known as Town Temple and Oru Kovil, it is quite popular among the local crowd.

Here the placement of the deity idols is based on the Somaskandar principle. The temple does not have a Rajgopuram. On entering Mottai Gopuram one  can see the shrine of main deity Goddess Periyanayaki Amman (Parvati) on the right while Lord Kailasanathar’s shrine (Shiva) is on the left and Lord Murugan’s shrine (Muthukumaraswamy) is in the centre.

This temple hosts Dwajarohanam (flag hoisting) on all the festivals celebrated in the region. It is known for housing the temple vahanas, especially the big silver chariot which is the main attraction.

The Best Things to do in Palani, Tamilnadu

Things to do in Palani on your road trip with a Private Taxi from Chennai Drive
Things to do in Palani on your road trip with a Private Taxi from Chennai Drive

There are a number of famous temples spread all over Palani, dedicated to Lord Murugan, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, which makes it a temple town. Besides being a spiritual and religious centre, Palani is a trove of natural beauty too and one of the most visited pilgrimage places in India. Hire a taxi from Chennai Drive to explore this town at your own pace.

Palani Hills has hiking trails as well. You can trek up to the Kumbai from the Kuthiraiyar Dam Falls. Adventure seekers can also try Thekkanthottam waterfall trek which is quite exciting as there is no proper pathway to reach the falls. One can spot a few exotic birds in these hills too.

If one has ample time at hand, Kodaikanal which is approximately 65 kms from Palani is a must visit. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant park, Silver Cascade Falls, Pillar rocks, Guna Cave (Devils Kitchen), Kurinji Andavar Temple are few of the main attractions in Kodaikanal which are popular among young and old alike.

Know about Chennai

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is one of the most popular tourist places down south. Earlier known as Madras, this Metropolitan city still has long lost cultural and traditional vibe to it. It is known to be the cultural and economic centre of South India.

There are many places to visit in Chennai that caters to every king of tourist. It has some of the oldest temples built in Dravidian style like Parthasarathy Temple (9th-6th century), Kapaleeswarar Temple and Marundeeswarar Temple (11th century).

You can also admire the architecture of Luz Church,  St. Mary’s Church, the San Thome Basilica; the first British church in India, to name a few. Some of the colonial era buildings to check out are Ripon Building, Madras High Court, Government Museum, etc. 

Nature lovers can visit Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Semmozhi Poonga and Guindy National Park. One must not miss the beautiful beaches like Golden Beach, Marina Beach, Elliot’s Beach on your trip to Chennai.

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